Why Google My Business Listing Disappeared

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Google removed my company listing: Recently, I’ve received emails and phone calls from customers who are dissatisfied that their businesses have slipped in Google Maps search results.

In the previous week, I received several phone calls and emails. I dismissed it as a technical issue because I was on vacation, and I’d had similar incidents in the past. Only a week later, after what looked to be an interminable absence, a client’s listing resurfaced on the map.

Nonetheless, when I returned to work a few days ago, I discovered that their listings were still not visible on the internet. As a consequence, I performed some research in the local SEO circles. I came found this conversation in the Local Search Forum and thought it was fascinating. When you click on the “other places” link, Borland’s initial post references a buddy whose location does not display in the search results. Zooming in and out a few times revealed his friend’s listing, so he determined to find out for sure.

Google my business listing disappeared

Business owners may utilize Google My Business, a search service provided by Google, to post up to 10 images and other facts about their facilities (such as their street location or company name) (landscape or portrait).

After creating a business account at business.google.com, you must log in with that account.

Google Maps and the Google Search Map Pack will display a company’s information when it has been processed.

Google Maps features a section dedicated to local business directories, which displays information about your company in search results related to your industry. This function’s user interface is fantastic since it is really easy to use and saves a significant amount of time.

It is possible to appear in Google’s local search results (map pack), which contains your phone number, location, and total number of reviews.

Google Search and the benefit of Google My Business

You may use Google My Business to make it simpler for consumers to locate your business by using Google’s local search and map results to find your location.

Using this tool, you can easily update your company information in Google’s search engine, such as your location, business hours, website URL, and more.

If individuals in the region can locate your company online, you will see a rise in the amount of people visiting and calling your company’s website and phone number.

Claim (or set up) your business account on Google My Business

Before you create a new Google My Business profile for your company, check Google for its name to see whether it has already been established. This step can be skipped if it has already been completed.

If you already have an account, log in and claim it; if not, begin the process of creating one.

People may conclude that you are untrustworthy if they cannot find your company on Google Maps when looking for it. In this circumstance, a user account is required.

This information is necessary for any firm to set up a Google My Business Page:

  • A Google ID linked to the website where the firm is registered, as well as the company’s name
  • If your company has more than one location, the map view for your company will ask you to pick which of those locations you wish to be displayed.
  • A corporate website that is hosted on Google’s servers and belongs to the Google My Business domain.

Consider incorporating a business description that explains what your company can do for customers and why they should select your services over rivals.

Keep in mind that your audience is seeking for specifics while describing your items or services. You may, for example, say, “We offer individualized service at a fair price.”

While creating your free company profile, make sure to include all relevant information.

Google My Company (GMB) allows business owners to add their locations to Google Maps and in local search engine optimization results for free! This is a huge advantage for business owners.

People seeking for local service or product providers may have a difficult time finding a company if it does not appear in local search results.

Using Google My Business (GMB) to submit information about your products and services, as well as photographs of your storefront, personnel, and other vital aspects of your business, may help your company achieve more online visibility.

Others contemplating doing business with your company might benefit from reading what previous customers have to say about their experiences with your organization. If you don’t already have one, get one right immediately. This service is free!

It is critical that you correctly fill up your free company profile when doing so. If you leave out any important information, your profile may not display in search results, which might cost you valuable search traffic.

As a result, I’ve created this article to walk you through the procedures of building your Google My Business page, as well as the information you’ll need to fill out.

Other Issues If Your Business Is Not Showing Up on Google Maps

Even if your business is confirmed on Google My Business, it is possible that it will not display on Google Maps owing to additional factors. Some of the most frequent are as follows:

  1. Relevance. In order for Google to display your GMB listing in search results, it must contain information relevant to the user’s query. As a consequence, it’s vital that your GMB profile include information about all of your products and services, as well as well researched keywords.
  2. Distance. If your real location does not fall inside the region that Google deems to be part of the local market, your business will not appear on Google Maps, and you will need to select an alternative location. Closeness is a significant factor in Google Maps ranking. The greater the distance between your institution and the location of the person conducting the search, the less likely you are to appear in Google Maps.
  3. Prominence. If you search for “art galleries” or “sports arenas” in the Chicago region, you’re likely to discover The Art Institute and Soldier Field at the top of the list. In Chicago, they are not far apart. Most local companies do not have that type of reputation, so they must work hard to increase their rank in Google’s local search results. As a result, it is critical to ensure that all of the company’s contact information, including its address and phone number, is correct and up to date across the whole website. A strong GMB and Google Maps SEO plan can help you obtain greater visibility as a consequence of all of the other local ranking factors.
  4. Your company has changed locations. If you have relocated and Google has de-verified your account as a result of your relocation, you will have to redo the verification procedure. Proceed with caution if your website’s NAP information is incorrect or out of current.
  5. Your company’s access to GMB has been temporarily disabled. If you breach the GMB rules for displaying your firm, whether on purpose or by mistake, your Google My Business account may be suspended.



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