Transferring from working holiday 417 visa to 482 work visa in Australia

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For many years now, lots of young people have discovered new career opportunities while in Australia on a subclass 417 Working Holiday Visa, or even a simple desire to remain and work in Australia on a more permanent basis. However, going from one visa to another often means an adjustment based on what you can and cannot do while on these visas. One of the most common visas that a 417 working holiday visa holder will regularly move to in such an event will be a TSS visa or a subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

A working holiday 417 visa is valid for a period of twelve months. Whilst on it, the visa holder can travel within Australia and at the same time, undertake employment for the purposes of earning income. This can be any work from voluntary, casual, part-time to even full-time work. However, while the person is on this visa there are some limits that the visa holder needs to be aware of; being a holder of the 417 working holiday visa means you are not allowed to remain in the employ of a singular employer for more than six months.

For many people wanting to transfer onto a 482 work visa Australia from a subclass 417 working holiday visa, this is one of the most common conditions that end up being broken so ensuring the temporary visa holder doesn’t, is incredibly important for the success of the work visa application.

In many cases, if a temporary visa holder is going for a subclass 482 TSS visa Australia when they had been on a 417 visa it is usually because they have found work from a current employer that wishes to retain them. However, such roles can also be found through job boards or placements by employers that have exhausted local options.

No matter what case a working holiday visa holder finds a position, the employer must be an approved business sponsor. Additionaly the australian business sponsor will need to prove that they have completed 4 weeks of ‘LMT’ labour market testing or job advertising for the proposed position to ensure that they have exhausted local applicants and given Australians a fair chance.

When applying for a TSS 482 work visa in Australia, aside from language testing, character and health requirements, the 417 working holiday visa holders need to ensure that they meet the appropriate skill requirement for their nominated occupation. For some trade occupations, depending on the country of passport, a TSS 482 skills assessment may be required.

If a valid subclass 482 work visa application is lodged in Australia before the expiry of the 417 working holiday visa, the applicant will go onto a Bridging Visa A. Identical work conditions apply to the bridging visa A as the 417 working holiday visa so it is important to keep track of the time spent with one employer to avoid breaching the condition 8547 (6 months work limitation).

Important to know that if the 417 visa holder has already completed 6 months with the 482 sponsor, once the bridging visa A comes into effect, their 6 months with the 482 business sponsor reset and they can continue to work for them for another 6 months.

The processing times for a 482 Visa will vary heavily depending on the nominated occupation and the stream, whether it is the medium-long term, short-term or labour agreement stream. However, if the nominated occupation is on the priority list the application may be processed within 2 to 4 months. The longest wait time is the short-term stream, which is currently looking at 11 months processing time according to advertised global processing times. These estimates change regularly and may be longer or shorter depending on circumstances.

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