How do I do affiliate marketing with Quora for the long term?

Mario Grigorescu
4 min readJan 30, 2022


  • Affiliate Marketing on Quora is a Time-Consuming Process!

I appreciate the fact that you mention, the “long-term”, well said. This tells me that you have the right mindset to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is most profitable when you leverage Quora spaces, but there are rules and strategies you need in place first.

You cannot just start posting links all over the show! Spamming posts, answers, comments, and responses with affiliate links. You will crash and burn!

Now, I have mentioned bridge pages and content marketing strategies in hundreds of other answers. So we will just briefly look at 4 options to create bridge pages.

  1. Google Quiz Sites.
  2. Free WordPress Blogs.
  3. Affiliate Niche Storefronts.
  4. Free Google Blogger Blogs.
  5. YouTube Videos And Channels.

Basically, you must have bridge pages for all the affiliate products you wish to promote. That way you share a URL other than an affiliate link.

But that is just bridge pages, in a nutshell, Google Quiz sites are rather effective. Because they keep your visitor/reader entertained!

This is a huge advantage because an active and curios audience is a responsive audience. The kind of audience that will buy from you.

After you have created your bridge pages, you will be ready to move on to the next step. Working your way through Quora Spaces.

But you may want to first learn how to create Google Quiz Sites by using giphys and always redirecting to the “next question/step” in the quiz.

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  • The Basics of the Quora Spaces Content Marketing Strategy.

There are a few steps you want to complete with Quora Spaces because the first impression will always be the lasting impression.

Complete every required step to launch a professional and attention-grabbing Quora Space or Spaces. Preferably multiple spaces within your niche.

  • Pin Your Best Post (With A Presentation Image 1920 x 1080)
  • Choose A Targeted Space Title (Name)
  • Add A Space Logo Image (500 x 500)
  • Add A Space Cover Image (1000 x 200)
  • Complete The Space Details Area (Description 1600 Characters)
  • Include Your Work (URLs) In Space Details (Recognition And Trust)
  • Set Up Spaces Post Scheduling (Maintaining Consistency)
  • Change Settings To Allow Other Posts (Set The review Time)
  • Share Your Space To The Feed (Getting Exposure)
  • Sharing Your Space On Facebook And Twitter (Social Networking)
  • Invite Followers And/Or Contributors (Improve High-Quality Content)

In the description (Details) area of your Quora Space, you want to include some space rules, but also a link to your Quora Profile as the Space Owner.

Furthermore, you may want to share a link to your Google Quiz Site (or bridge page) relevant to the primary space topic.

If you have a Medium profile, that you may want to share too. But these are all links to bridge pages and sites or videos you own (Or Creative Commons License Videos on Your Channel).

You may want to dive a little deeper into Quora Spaces because it is really worth the effort. Because the growth is insane!

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  • Content Marketing Strategies and Bridge Pages go Together!

What is a content marketing strategy? In a nutshell, a content marketing strategy is simply a sequence of steps or tasks to be completed.

A visitor lands on your bridge page, which redirects them to another/next page, maintaining curiosity. Eventually, they land on your affiliate offer.

Often the design of your bridge page or YouTube video (thumbnail) is the content marketing strategy, especially on a tight budget.

Because basic bridge pages like Google Sites and Free Blogs are all 100% free to use. Although you cannot rank a Google Site in Search Engines.

But that is not what the purpose of your bridge page is, you don’t want to rank a Google site, you simply want to redirect a visitor there.

With YouTube videos, however, you will have to familiarize yourself with YouTube video SEO. Because your videos are a bit more than bridge pages or URLs.

There are several content marketing strategies, but among my personal favourites, you will find some of the easier options.

  1. PLR Product Incentives (Free Video Courses, eBooks, Audio Files, etc.)
  2. Google Quiz Sites (Keeping Your Visitor Entertained)
  3. Medium Posts In Quora Answers (Medium Allows Affiliate Links)

Although Medium allows affiliate links, I would still recommend you rather share a bridge page with an affiliate offer.

Unless you have certain plugins to cloak affiliate links pointing back to your primary blog domain with just a slug.

But that is another entire topic on its own, using plugins with WordPress blogging because it involves hosting and SEO.

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